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Salmonella is a motile, rod-shaped and Gram-negative bacterium. It is responsible for salmonellosis, with symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramp. They are commonly found in intestines of humans and animals. Consuming food or drinking water contaminated by feces can contribute to Salmonella infection.

However, Salmonella infection can also occur through non-fecal way. In 2013, four dead while more than 100 were hospitalized for Salmonella outbreak in Merbok, Kedah after attending a wedding feast. The chicken, which were cooked by the villagers, were the source of contamination. Due to improper storing prior to cooking, the chicken was infected by Salmonella. In 2014, same case of Salmonella infection happened to more than 150 boarding school students in Kuala Nerang. The chicken was also contaminated by the bacteria due to the chicken not cooked and stored accordingly.