Yeast and Mold

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Yeast or its scientific name, Sacchromyces cerevisae is a single-cell organism from the Fungi kingdom. It is commonly used as the rising agent in the making of bread and wine. Mold, in another hand, is also a member of the same kingdom but it is a multicellular organism. Various species of molds contribute to the development of antibiotics in pharmaceutical industry. In addition to that, species like Aspergillus is used to ferment soybean for soybean sauce and soy paste manufacturing.

Even though both of these organisms are important to mankind, they are also agents of contamination and deterioration of many kinds of products. Yeast and mold can grow in any types of food including crops, processed food, and food mixtures. Products affected by yeast and molds could pose hazardous effects to consumers. In addition to that the product quality will be awfully disrupted. They cause products to be less appealing and smell bad.