Cosmetics Testing

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Our NPRA (National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency) subjects cosmetics to a range of testing as they come in direct contact with the human body, with tests ranging from microbiological and chemical contamination and other toxic effects. There are currently more than 3000 known natural, simple and complex synthetic ingredients used in cosmetic products. Safety concerns still persist even if we know the source of the cosmetics. The use of “organic†ingredients in cosmetics is not by itself a guarantee of safety as even organic substances may cause allergenic reactions or toxicity to certain people.

It is estimated that consumers in the US use about 10 different cosmetics per day with exposure up to more than 125 different ingredients. Such numbers of ingredients with high frequency of exposure, the risk of adverse reaction to a particular product is significant, thus Ministry of Health Malaysia and NPRA takes very serious stance in monitoring cosmetics products.

ALS Malaysia provides cosmetics testing services to cosmetics manufacturers. ALS Malaysia follows Annex 1, part 14 of HEAVY METAL AND MICROBIOLOGICAL TEST LIMIT FOR COSMETIC PRODUCT under Guidelines for Control of Cosmetic Products in Malaysia-1st Revision. NPRA uses these test limits for testing of cosmetic samples obtained through Post Market Surveillance activities.

ALS Malaysia offers the below NPRA approved list of test:

  1. Heavy metals by ICP-OES / MS
  2. Microbial contaminants by BP methods

Other related test for cosmetic products:

  1. Phthalate
  2. Hydroquinone
  3. Paraben groups
  4. Illegals dyes, preservatives and many others

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