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Halal Testing

We offer a wide array of analytical testing services to support industrial hygiene testing services and to assist our clients in promoting human health.

Halal (Arabic: "permissible") refers to what is permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law and it is frequently applied to permissible food and drinks. It is also associated with being wholesome, just and all things that are pure and good (Thoyyib)

To make food and products "Halal" or permissible, ALS Malaysia provides a range of tests to assist in Halal verification. Our SAMM accredited methods will provide assurance for food consumption in line with "Halal" and "Thoyyib".


  • Alcohol (Ethanol) Detection
  • Porcine DNA Detection
  • GMOs and Allergens
  • Hygiene Monitoring
  • Microbiology Test
  • Food Adulterants

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